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The driest and best seasons are from December to March on the west and south coasts and in the hill country, and from May to September on the east coast. December to March is also the time when most foreign tourists come, the majority of them escaping the European winter.

Rainfall Seasonal Distribution

March/April - Conventional (Inter-monsoonal)

May through September - South West Monsoonal

October/November - Conventional/Cyclonic

Depressional (Inter-monsoonal)

December through February - North East Monsoonal/Depressional

The chart on the right gives a broad overall view of the weather across the country but, as you will see below, the climate varies depending upon which area you are visiting.  Nuwara Eliya (in the hills) gets quite cool so bring some warm clothing!


Average temperatures - Maximum Minimum

Colombo 87.7deg.F; 75.2deg.F (30C;23C)

Kandy 83.7deg.F;68.4deg.F (28C;20C)

Nuwara Eliya 68.4deg.F 52.5deg.F (20C;11C)


Click this map for countrywide weather forecast

Weather & Climate in Sri Lanka